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6 Seconds of Video, Days of Publicity

In early 2013 Small Media Extra Large partners Meghan Scibona and Jason Nunes helped journalist Dawn Siff create ...
The Pickup Chicks Web Pilot

The Pickup Chicks Web Pilot

SMXL producer Stacie Capone, director Don Downie and screenwriter Jason Nunes recently ...

Happy Cloud

The Happy Cloud network is a website that lets customers play games ...

Moby Music Video

SMXL partner Don Downie directed a music video for Moby’s The Day ...

Interactive Strategy

SMXL has deep expertise in user experience, social marketing, and product strategy. We offer a variety of services for clients who are in the early stages of ideation from vision prototyping, to research lead discovery, to guided brainstorming sessions.

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Interactive Design & Build

SMXL designs and builds compelling user experiences for the web, mobile, interactive television, games, and apps. Our capabilities include rapid prototyping, branding, ux & visual design, development, and project management.

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Creative Direction & Editorial

SMXL creates exciting entertainment from scratch--from advertising, to web and tv series, to documentaries, to features. For projects in their early stages, we offer a variety of services from creative direction, to scriptwriting, to executive producing.

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Film & Video Production

SMXL produces, shoots, and edits for a variety of clients from ad agencies, to brands, to TV networks, to production companies. Our capabilities include production management, direction, cinematography, casting, editorial, and post production.

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